Current Projects




On July 12, 2021, the Dade County Water & Sewer Authority met to review proposals submitted for a feasibility study for the proposed reservoir located on the 61 acre tract of land that was purchased in December 2018.  The board voted to approve CORBLU Ecology Group to perform this study.  Total costs for services will be $6,650 and should be completed by mid August.  

Scope of services:

  • Corblu will conduct a field boundary delineation of jurisdictional waters of the U.S. and State within the proposed holding pond site boundaries.
  • Corblu will conduct a GPS survey of the boundaries of the delineated jurisdictional waters and provide a digital file depicting the extent of these jurisdictional waters within the project site boundaries.
  • Corblu will prepare and submit a findings and permitting strategy report for the project site.


In 2016, Dade County Water & Sewer Authority began standardizing the replacement of worn-out water meters with a single brand of water meter capable of being read remotely.  Over the last 5 years, Authority staff was able to replace entire neighborhoods with Sensus Iperl radio-read meters, eliminating the need to read those routes manually.  Over 1,200 of the Authority's 7,200 meters were upgraded to radio-read water meters by the end of 2020.  This replacement process has been slow as Authority Staff must complete this work between other day-to-day maintenance duties.

Beginning October 2021, Dade County Water & Sewer Authority will speed up this process by contracting the installation to contractors that specialize in rapid meter replacement.  UWS (Utility & Water Services) and their team of professional meter installers, will be replacing an additional 4,300 meters over the next 6 months.


When it is time for your meter to be replaced, UWS contractors will need to turn your water off for a few minutes to complete the meter replacement. Most meter replacements take about 10 minutes.  Once your meter has been replaced, UWS will turn your water back on a verify that there are no leaks at the meter.

All contractors will have the UWS logo on their vehicle and vest.